Pastor David Voorhees

​       Our pastor began his ministry at Millgrove Bible Baptist Church in May 2010. Pastor Voorhees and his family moved to Indiana from Murray, KY in 2008. He was led to the Lord six years earlier by the pastor of Eastwood Baptist Church, the church where his newly saved wife was attending. Four years later, and in that same church, the Lord called him to preach. He served faithfully in his church as an usher, Sunday school teacher, and any other capacity that was needed. His pastor then asked him to begin and direct the Reformers Unanimous addictions ministry in his church. He spent a year preparing and two and a half years directing this fruitful ministry.

       One summer the Lord began to work on his heart about attending Bible college to prepare to pastor. He and his wife looked at colleges, prayed, and sought counsel. By faith, the family set a date, prepared to move, and watched God open doors.  Bro. Voorhees began classes while attending Lifeway Baptist Church. Five years later, the Lord allowed him to fulfill his ministry calling while blessing him with 3 more children along the way.  Juggling  schooling, work, and pastoring was difficult, but the Lord has blessed in his ministry and many souls have been saved. 

        Pastor Voorhees has a great love for his church and for his family. He and his wife, Angela, have six children together. Mrs Voorhees has homeschooled their children for 15 years and is currently working on her Associates degree with Veritas Baptist College. She is a help to her husband at home and in the church. She serves in the church helping with the secretarial, ladies and children’s ministries. She has a desire to be a blessing and help to women and see children saved and growing in the Lord in the church.

Assistant Pastor Roger Martin

       Bro. Martin came to our church from the Indianapolis area in the fall of 2017 to assist and serve in our church while learning ministry and finishing his schooling.  He was led to the Lord by his mother as a young boy, and in his later teen years began to feel a call to ministry. He married his wife, Adrian in the spring of 2018. In March of 2019, he was voted by our church  as  our Assistant Pastor.  He  earned his Associates in Pastoral Studies from Heritage Baptist College and is currently working on his Bachelors degree in Pastoral Ministry with Veritas Baptist College.  Among his many roles, he serves as our song leader, adult Sunday school teacher, and Children’s church ministry teacher. He also heads up our nursing home ministry. Bro. Roger loves singing for the Lord and has a special burden to work with young people.

       Mrs Adrian Martin, (also the eldest daughter of our pastor,) was saved as a young girl in her home.  She has been serving as our church pianist since the age of 13, and has faithfully used her musical gifts for  the Lord.  She has an Associates in Music Education from Heritage Baptist College and is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree with Maranatha Baptist College. The Lord has given her a special burden to teach another generation a love and skill for church music, particularly in Baptist churches. She has taught privately, in Christian schools, fine arts academies, and with home school choirs working with children and adults. Her love for her church has inspired her desire to help others see the importance of investing in and serving musically in their church no matter how big or small it is.

       Bro. Roger and Mrs Martin and have been very committed and faithful to our church. Millgrove Bible Baptist Church is very excited and blessed to have this couple serving here with us. 
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